The Jacob Menu and Dialog Screenshots

 "File->Preferences..." Dialog
"Edit->New Class..." Dialog: Herewith you can create initial source code for new classes.
"Edit->New Class...->OK": Select methods to overwrite.
"Edit->Method Callees": Methods used inside the example method
browsing per mouse click to these (including jdk and swing) methods is possible.
"Edit->Set Dependencies..." Dialog: This lets you define additional rules for the Makefile.
"Edit->Project Settings..." Dialog
"Edit->Project Settings...->Change" Classpath Dialog
"Edit->Project Settings...->Select New" Main Class Dialog
"Tools -> Javancss All...": Non Commenting Source Statemens (NCSS) for the Jacob project (example)
"Tools -> List Archive..." Dialog
"Help->Threads..." Dialog
"Help->Memory..." Dialog
"File->Exit" Dialog in case some other tools are still running.
"Tools->Licensor..." Dialog to select a license to apply to all project source files.