Clemens' Favorite Java Bugs

Chr. Clemens Lee

I remember the time when I started to learn programming, and many times I was finger pointing to the system thinking it must be broken. But in the end, it was almost always my program that had the bug.
In 1995 I started to use Java as my primary language and environment. By then accustomed to find every software problem in my code, I was surprise to find out that more often than not it was Java which was severily broken, often at a very fundamental level. Well, since then Java has improved a lot, but also very fundamental stuff hasn't been touched by Sun for years (or unbeleavable bugs like not being able to use keys "+?*#" on Linux jdk-1.3-final pop up again).

So far I was glad Sun had their protective hands over Java, but I think it is time to open source the jdk implementation. Unfortunately instead it seems a lot of the voluntary blackdown linux porters have been pissed off by Sun by now.

I use this page to follow (and entertain myself with ) with the Java bugs I have stumbled across.

You can directly jump to the Java Bug Parade.

Update 2002-04-26: after a while I have checked the status on all bugs on this page and I must say that Sun has made quite some progress. Note all hope is lost :-).

1.  Java Bug List

NoBug IdSubmit DateSynopsisStatus
142048451999-01-21Remote use of double buffering on JDK 1.2 is very slowfixed
I work for a customer that has bought 4 Sun E4500 with gigs of memory for some hundred thousend bugs and it turns out that due to this bug you can't use jdk 1.2.2 or jdk 1.3 on them!?
Also, one user of Jim installed it on a university server for his collegues who then reported the application is unusably slow.
Not surprisingly this bug is at position 2 in the bug parade right now.
241019101998-01-05Incorrect Frame sizes and locations on Solarisclosed
This is my favorite bug. It got all my three little votes.

There are similar bug reports as well:

340348911997-02-26class does only compile oncefixed
Bug filed by myself.
442660261999-08-26javac no longer follows symlinksfixed
Have been bitten by this as well.
543719232000-10-17Three keys ><* don't appear in Swing components with German keyboardfixed
A killer bug for jdk 1.3 on linux. I have the same problem on my german keyboard.

Related bug reports:

Keys that don't work on my German keyboard:

645298432001-11-20javax.xml.transformer.TransformerFactory should not use context class loaderprogress
Filed by myself.
743920532001-06-25Window management problems under KDE2 (Linux)progress
Might be fixed for KDE3. File this bug as well, but it was already a duplicate.
843902382000-11-06JDK1.3 throws OutOfMemoryError when trying to allocate PermGeneration spaceprogress
I wonder if that is the same problem I have regularly when compiling a bigger project on Solaris using jdk 1.3.1_01/02. Sometimes hotspot simply crashes when using javacc.
942360071999-05-06No character based terminal I/O (like DOS getch()/kbhit() functions)closed, duplicate of 4050435
One of the big short commings of Java. Java could be so nice to develop console based apps.
1040504351997-05-07Improved interactive console I/O (password prompting, line editing)progress
Yes, this is really needed badly, but at least this bug gets quite a number of votes. But again, the request is already more than 6!!! years old.


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