JavaNCSS Development Details

JavaNCSS has been moved on August 2008 to Codehaus for a shared source code repository. There is also a bug tracking tool.

JavaNCSS can actually be built using Ant (ant all) or Maven (mvn package).

JavaNCSS site is built with Maven: mvn site.

Guide for JavaNCSS Committers

To deploy JavaNCSS site or artifact (either SNAPSHOT or release), you'll need to have your Codehaus credentials defined in ~/.m2/settings.xml for server:

      <username>your username</username>
      <password>your password</password>

Note that starting with Maven 2.1.0, password can be stored encrypted: see the encryption guide on Maven site

JavaNCSS pom.xml is actually configured to deploy the site on see distributionManagement/site section. The site can be deployed at any time with mvn site-deploy command. can only be deployed by Clemens.

JavaNCSS SNAPSHOTs can be deployed on Codehaus Snapshot repository with mvn deploy command.

JavaNCSS release is automated with Maven release plugin. It has 3 steps:

  1. run mvn release:prepare to prepare the release (including svn commits),
  2. if everything is ok, run mvn release:perform to deploy the artifact and the site,
  3. then update Jira: follow "Administer Project" then "Manage versions" links to mark the release done and declare the next version.

The release is deployed on Codehaus main repository, which is sync'ed once a day on Maven Central repository. Note that as soon as a release has been sync'ed to Maven Central repository, you can't change anything: any change on Codehaus main repository will be ignored by Maven Central repository.

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