(From: Nuno Oliveira)

(From: They Shoot Film: A Photo Collective, with Kodak Ultramax 400)

I think the 38mm of the Contax T2 lens are very very strange, not a slight wide angle like a 35mm, and not yet really a normal lens as a 40mm. Even more so as 35 and 40-42mm are maybe my most favorite focal ranges of all, followed by the 70-75mm range.

The Contax T3 for sure is smaller, maybe more beautiful, has a real super sharp 35mm lens, but the T2 is everything but flimsy and gives you a real wight into the hand. But hey, why compare, both are beautiful and can be used to make wonderful photos - as is the T1, which is like a Minox with a real rangefinder for focussing and also the same lens as the T2.

From: MIKI Yoshihito

Additional reading with photos of all four different color versions from the Japan Camera Hunter: The Contax T2 – the killer compact

MIKI Yoshihito’s Photos of the Contax T2

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And Some More Contax T2 Example Pictures

(From: Ian Wong, with Agfa Ultra 100)

(From: Miguel Peralta)

(From: Adnan)

Last not least a video from Sei Man Choi combining his pictures with the T2:

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