(From: Haoming Wang)

(From: Godfrey DiGiorgi, with Leica R8 and Elmarit-R 135mm)

(From: Jesse Seberras, with Leica R9 and Summicron-R 90mm)

(From: InternetCopyFromPrintCopyFromWhoKnows)

Things that make me niggle about the R8 and R9:

  • I don’t like the chrome line around the black body.
  • Viewfinder magnification is 0.75 vs 0.8 for the R6 and 0.9 for the R4 (if some random web pages can be believed). In fact I like the R4 viewfinder very much as it is.
  • Overall size, thought I had never had one in my hand, hope this changes soon. But of course the size and look is what makes this camera what it is.

Nice things:

  • 1/8000
  • the Rolls Royce of the manual focus 35mm SLR cameras and the culmination of a long line of development and one of the last of it in production (not even 10 years ago).
  • BTW, with the winder I like the camera much more, but then it is even more over the top.

(From: Jesse Yardley)


Leica R8 Shutter Sound by Ashley Pomeroy.

The same Ashley Pomeroy who wrote a review of the R8 with Summilux-R 50mm E55. But beware, his Summilux was misaligned, so all shots are soft and dreamy. The better photos were made on the dedicated Summilux review, were he talks a bit about the R8 as well, as well as a photo of the R8. The camera used mostly was a Canon 5Dmarkii however.

What’s missing: a picture with the R8 or R9 and the Summilux-R 35mm. Couldn’t find a single picture on the net.

PS. A couple more shots…

(From: Jesse Yardley, with Fuji Sensia 100)

(From: Wes Bender)

With Elmarit-R 90mm:

(From: Wes Bender)

(From: Cris Rose)

With Elmarit-R 35mm:

(From: WJ Brink)

PPS. And with the ancient Leicaflex Summicron 50mm:

(From: Martin Bruntnell)