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The personal software process (PSP) was first presented by Watts S. Humphrey in A Discipline for Software Engineering. IMHO it's really worth reading. It's one of just a very few books that had consciously a strong influence on me. (The last book a couple of years ago that impressed me equally was Hofstadter's Gödel, Escher, Bach.) 

My Own Java PSP Tools

Timelog is an application to record and analyze time logged to a project.

JavaNCSS - A source metric suite for Java
JavaNCSS is a command line utility which measures some standard source code metrics for the Java programming language. The metrics are collected globally, for each class and/or for each function.

Articles on the Web by Watts S. Humphrey

IEEE Software

Object Currents

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Scripts, Forms, Templates, and Standards

  • My ASCII and Excel Forms
    Unfortunately when I started learning PSP there where no online versions of spreadsheet forms etc. available. I think this material belongs into the book or better should be made available for free online. But Addison-Wesley decided to sell this stupid stuff and at the SEI site they jealously gave these files out only to tutors. That was pretty lame and had cost me and maybe many other people some unnecessary hours of work.
  • ICS 613 Home Page Postscript PSP Forms Available On-line!
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