JIM - Java Information Manager

JIM is a Personal Information Manager written in Java.

JIM was influenced very much from a shareware program named NextRecall written by Marco Weber. The main idea is to let the user organize its personal data, e.g. addresses, notes, lists, etc., as plain text in a tree structure. Very simple but powerful.
Nevertheless ToDo lists get a special treatment.

You can always find the latest version of this page at: http://www.kclee.com/clemens/java/jim/

To get an impression of JIM take a look at these screenshots: notes, todo lists, and todo task form.


System Requirements

Java JDK 1.2


JIM Version 5.17 
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Make sure java (Java 2) is in your path. Then start Jim like this (please exchange '/' with '\' and ':' with ';' on Windows):

java -classpath lib/jim.jar:lib/ccl.jar:lib/xml.jar:lib/jhbasic.jar:/lib/pja.jar jim.Main -inifile jim.ini

It's probably a good idea to put this command into a batch file as well as to use absolute path specifications (hint, there is already one in the 'bin' directory).

Once you have added some data to a new project and saved it, you can also export notes and todo lists to HTML files. To do this from the command line, use: 'jim myproject.jiml -exporthtml outputdir'

Note that using Java JDK 1.1 you need to add the classes.zip and swingall.jar as well to the classpath

You might also want to uncomment and edit the TimezoneID field in the jim.ini file.

If you want to use the system colors instead of the default swing grey, uncomment the UseSystemColors entry. This is not recommended should you use white or black as your default system background.

Release History

Version 5.17

Version 5.17 has been released on April 21, 2002

New -exporthtml option.

What's New

  1. New -exporthtml option lets you create html pages of all notes and todo lists in batch mode. Note that to use this e.g. in cron a lightweight toolkit like PJA has to be used. The PJA library from eTeks is distributed together with Jim for this purpose and the Unix shell script has been prepared to use it if needed.
  2. Moved from Mozilla Public License to GNU General Public License so that I can include the PJA (Pure Java AWT Toolkit) library which is also GPL.

Version 4.14

Version 4.14 has been released on December 9, 2001

HTML export of complete notes tree.

What's New

  1. xport whole tree of notes in HTML to a directory of the users choice. - Dependencies and Blocks in ToDo lists.

Fixed Bugs

  1. xport ToDo lists had problem with umlauts and slashes in file names. - Options -help and -version opened with a splash screen and exited with an exception after printing their text. - Small fixes and improvements in the Unix startup shell script.

Version 3.11

Version 3.11 has been released on September 27, 2000

Bug fix version for a severe save bug.

Fixed Bugs

  1. Save As crashed Jim due to a library versioning problem.

Version 2.9

Version 2.9 has been released on September 26, 2000

Backup files for save feature.

What's New

  1. Jim creates a backup file when saving data.
  2. Cut and paste of todo tasks.
  3. Application screen location can be set in ini file with 'Bounds' option.

Fixed Bugs

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.7

Version 1.7 has been released on January 25, 2000


ccl library - my reusable Java library. If you want the complete source code for JIM, you have to download this lib extra to get the ccl source code as well.
eTeks: PJA Toolkit - PJA (Pure Java AWT) Toolkit is a JavaTM library for drawing graphics without using any native graphics resource of the system on which the Java Virtual Machine runs. I use this for Jim to export data in HTML format using cron in batch mode. This library is GPL and its jar files is distributed together with Jim.


- Thanks to eTeks and the programmer(s) of the PJA (Pure Java AWT) toolkit and making it available for free. It provides functionality I think should be already in the standard JDKs.
- Thanks to Steven M. Faulconer for giving me the feedback to add the '-exporthtml' option.

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