Clemens' Java Page

Welcome to my personal Java page.

Table of Contents:

   Jacob - The Java Commando Base
Jacob is a class and package browser for Java. It uses the Emacs for displaying and editing the source files of your project classes. Unlike the traditional browsers the windows are vertically aligned and the full vertical screen size is still reserved for editing. Additionally Jacob generates a makefile to automatically compile, run and archive (with zip and rcs) your project files. 
Timelog is an application to record and analyze time logged to a project. Timelog is designed to support the Personal Software Process (PSP). The Personal Software Process was developed at the Software Engineering Institute of the Carnegie Mellon University by Watts S. Humphreys to support the individiual programmer to reach a structured and scientific work process. 
   JavaNCSS - A source metric suite for Java 
JavaNCSS is a command line utility which measures some standard source code metrics for the Java programming language. The metrics are collected globally, for each class and/or for each function. 
   ccl Package - Not an application but a general purpose reusable Java library
ccl consists of code I wrote and reused for the other applications you see on this page. It is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License.
   JIM - Java Information Manager
JIM is a Personal Information Manager written in Java. JIM was influenced very much from a shareware program named NextRecall written by Marco Weber. The main idea is to let the user organize its personal data, e.g. addresses, notes, lists, etc., as plain text in a tree structure. Very simple but powerful. Nevertheless ToDo lists get a special treatment.
   CleSh - Clemens' Java Shell
This Java shell prints a prompt, reads in a line, and loads and invokes the Java class typed in. Right now I don't think it is useful except for myself :), but I need a public place from where I can download (e.g. from my work place) the latest version.
   SimplEdit - a simple editor
SimplEdit is a minimalistic editor written in Java, similar to what Notepad offers on Windows.
   CCL-ZIP - CCL-ZIP is a small Info-ZIP clone written in Java
CCL-ZIP does support the basic options like adding and deleting zipfile entries. Nevertheless it has a feature which is missing in the original zip program. It is the ability to specify the directory under which files shall be stored inside the zip archive.
   CCL Java Coding Standard - My personal Java coding standard
This document is for people who have to or want to read my code and also want explanations about some stylistic details.
   Favorite Java Bugs - Sun's jdk bugs which annoy me the most
A list of bugs I have stumbled accross. This list helps to track Sun's progress (or lack thereof) of fixing them.
   Custom Checkstyle Script - My customized startup script of Oliver Burn's checkstyle
Checkstyle is similar to Lint and aimed at Java. This script contains my personal customization and rules for checkstyle [2002-05-12].

Java Goodies

Stuff I downloaded a long time ago from the web but which seems to be lost now. So I make it downloadable here in case someone finds it still useful.
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