Clemens' Unix Corner

Hi, from time to time I come around a nice Unix trick which I want to present here.

Table of Contents

1.  Road to Unix
2.  Log Watcher
3.  How to Create Your Own Debian Package
4.  linuxstatus
5.  KDE Desktop Color Schemes
6.  webcal2pdb
7.  Clemens' Linux FAQ

Road to Unix

I have written a small document intended as an introduction (mainly for new collegues of mine) towards Unix. It is no replacement for a Unix tutorial, but tries to point Unix newbies in the right direction and gives some additional tips that might be useful to know straight from the beginning.

Road to Unix [2002-01-20]

Log Watcher

Here is the logwatcher korn shell script and its man page (in nroff format) [2002-01-20].

How to Create Your Own Debian Package

This small article gives you an example of how to create your own first little Debian package [2002-12-01].


linuxstatus displays Linux system and system status information, like kernel version, type of processor, uptime, memory usage, number of processes and context switches etc.

Here is a text version of the original nroff man page. Debian users can install it all convenient using this deb package [2002-12-07].

KDE Desktop Color Schemes

My current KDE desktop color scheme.


webcal2pdb is a perl script that exports calendar events from a WebCalendar PostgreSQL database and creates a Palm DatebookDB.pdb file that can be uploaded to a Palm Pilot.

The documentation is at the top inside the source code of the perl script ( [2004-10-24].

Clemens' Linux FAQ

This FAQ is mainly for my personal use and answers the questions I needed an answer for myself. There are some answers I always forget, so I need to look on this list quite regularly myself.

Clemens' Linux FAQ [2005-03-19]


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